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Phoenix is an independent private speech and hearing clinic that delivers comprehensive hearing and speech therapy solutions for all ages.Our fully qualified Audiologists and Speech pathologists assist clients in identifying and understanding their speech and hearing impairment and will help in finding individualized solutions.we offer excellent diagnostic assessments and support using state of the art equipment, technology and intervention.


Phoenix speech and hearing clinic is fully equipped with a good sound proof room and state of the art diagnostic equipment to ensure excellent hearing health care.We assist in finding the best solutions to open up to a world of sound and improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aids

We only fit superior quality hearing aids, many of which are compatible with the latest bluetooth devices, i phones and other listening devices. Hearing aids are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Speech Therapy

Communication is a combination of excellent speech and hearing.Our Speech pathologists understand the importance of communication and determine therapy goals through a comprehensive assessment.

Why Choose Us

Our highly qualified staff focuses on delivering outstanding care. we provide diagnostic evaluations that are through, precise and accurate, allowing us to recommend the best solutions to optimise your ability to hear and speak. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment for testing hearing and voice disorders. We only fit patients with superior quality hearing aids, One stop speech and hearing solutions for your convenience

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