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+91 9849428960, 7981106064, 7981107626 Monday - Saturday 10:00AM - 12:30PM & 05:00PM - 09:00PM

About Us

Our Story

     Phoenix Speech and Hearing clinic is owned and run by an passionate, well qualified, audiologist and speech pathologist experienced in working with children and adults. We are independent and aim to deliver services in a client-centered way, with a focus on collaborative goal-setting involving the individual client and their families. Our treatments are directed towards improving the client’s ability to participate in everyday home, school, work and social activities.

       Phoenix Speech and Hearing clinic uses state of the art diagnostic equipment for testing voice and hearing. We use real-ear measurement when fitting hearing devices. Real-ear measurement is the only way to ensure a completely accurate hearing aid fitting. We offer you virtually every treatment option when it comes to hearing devices and rehabilitation. We understand the importance of communication and determine speech and language therapy goals through a comprehensive assessment. Our therapists create custom treatment plans involving the patient, and family members, when appropriate.

        Our mission is to provide the highest quality speech and hearing health care to each patient we see with speech and hearing problems. We work with all of the well known hearing aid manufacturers and are experts in the field. We strive to stay current with the newest hearing technology on the market, in order to offer our patients the best treatment options for their individual needs. As an independent hearing health care provider , we have total freedom to use any of the best hearing aid manufacturer’s products. Our selection of hearing aids is based on your   individual needs, and not a hidden agenda of selling one brand over the other for business agreements. we help you to find the right hearing technology for you, at the most economical price.

If you have any concerns about your speech and hearing or tinnitus, you owe it to yourself to visit Phoenix Speech and Hearing clinic and give us the opportunity to improve your quality of life.